ITP | International Symposium on Electrophoretic and Liquid Phase Separation Techniques is one of the most influential international conferences on separation science-related topics of chemical and biochemical analysis, especially when electrophoretic and liquid phase separation techniques are used. The ITP series of conferences started in 1979, and have held regular meetings throughout the years. This year’s edition is the 27th ITP Conference.
Mission statement
The essential missions of ITP Symposium series are:
1. To provide space for discussion of scientific work
2. To encourage sound scientific debates
3. To engage a committed chairman and scientific committee
4. To integrate commercial partners
Permanent Scientific Committee
Bezhan Chankvetadze (Georgia)
David D. Y. Chen (Canada)
Alejandro Cifuentes (Spain)
Ziad El Rassi (USA)
Salvatore Fanali (Italy)
František Foret (Czech Republic)
Carlos D. García (USA)
Bohuslav Gaš (Czech Republic)
Václav Kašička (Czech Republic), Chair
Blanca Lapizco-Encinas (USA)
Koji Otsuka (Japan)
Marja-Liisa Riekkola (Finland)
Marina Tavares (Brazil)
Past ITP Venues & Symposium Chairs
Series Year Chair(s) Location (Country)
27 2020 David D.Y. Chen Virtual (Global)
26 2019 H. Cottet & F. Couderc Toulouse (France)
25 2018 K. Otsuka Kyoto (Japan)
24 2017 M. Markuszewski Sopot (Poland)
23 2016 Z. El Rassi & B. Lapizco-Encinas Minneapolis (USA)
22 2015 M.L. Riekkola & H. Sirén Helsinki (Finland)
21 2014 M. Tavares & E. Carrilho Natal (Brazil)
20 2013 A. Cifuentes & J. Hernández-Borges Puerto de la Cruz (Spain)
19 2012 Z. El Rassi Baltimore (USA)
18 2011 B. Chankvetadze Tbilisi (Georgia)
17 2010 Z. El Rassi Baltimore, MD (USA)
16 2008 V. Cucinotta Catania (Italy)
15 2006 G. Peltre Paris (France)
14 2004 S. Fanali & M.G. Quaglia Rome (Italy)
13 2002 M.L. Riekkola Helsinki (Finland)
12 2000 D. Kaniansky & E. Kenndler Bratislava (Slovak) – Vienna (Austria)
11 1998 P.G. Righetti Venice (Italy)
10 1996 B. Gas Prague (Czech)
9 1994 F. Kilar Budapest (Hungary)
8 1992 S. Fanali Rome (Italy)
7 1990 D. Kaniansky Tatranska Lomnica (Czechoslovakia)
6 1988 E. Kenndler Vienna (Austria)
5 1986 F.M. Everaerts Maastricht (The Netherlands)
4 1984 Z. Prusik Hradec Kralove (Czechoslovakia)
3 1982 C.J. Holloway Gosslar (Germany)
2 1980 F.M. Everaerts Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
1 1979 A. Adam & C. Schots Baconfoy (Belgium)
ITP 2020 Organizing Committee
Name Affilitation Location

Wentao Bi

Shelley Chang

Sophie Izard

Gerard Rozing

Julie Schappler

Samantha Soo

Nanjing Normal University

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planitswiss China


JULS life science


Nanjing (China)

Singapore (Singapore)

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Karlsruhe (Germany)

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