Step-by-Step Guide to access the sessions 

For the best experience, please use a laptop/desktop and access using Google Chrome.
Please use VPN if you are viewing from Mainland China.

Please follow step by step to easily join the session you would like to attend.

Step 1: Login via event website

  • Access the event website and click «LOGIN».
  • Please use the registered e-mail and dedicated password created upon registering. 
  • Should you forget the password, please click on the « Forget password » button and key in your email address where you will receive the link to reset your password.

Step 2: Select the session you wish to attend

  • Click «SCHEDULE» on the website header menu to see the program.

  • Select the session you wish to attend and click on it for more information.

  • Click on «ACCESS STREAMING» to enter the session.
  • Click on «Abstract» to download file.

Step 3: Watch the conference

1. If you can't hear any audio or if the volume is too loud, please adjust your volume here.
2. Your internet connection will automatically detect the best video quality according to your internet speed. If you would like to increase your video quality, you can adjust your resolution up to 1080p.
3. For best viewing experience, please click on the 'full screen' button.
4. Your interactive features (to submit your questions, jot down your notes during the conference and rate the session)
5. You can expand or reduce your video player here. Once expanded, the interactive features will be hidden to optimise your viewing experience. Please reduce the player again if you would like to submit a question.

*If you lose connection while streaming the page, please refresh the page.